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If your pet is feeling ill, or we uncover a concern during an exam, you want answers fast, and so do we. Our in-house diagnostic equipment can give us a clear picture of your pet’s condition so that we can create a treatment plan as soon as possible.

We offer our pet families the advantages of the following in-house diagnostic tools:

  • Blood Chemistry. Bloodwork is an extremely valuable tool for uncovering a wide range of conditions. Your pet’s blood panel can reveal problems in the organs, immune system, hydration status, red and white blood cell count, as well as identify a host of infections and diseases.
  • Urinalysis. We can evaluate your cat’s or dog’s urine to check for diabetes, hydration status, infections, kidney and bladder diseases, and other conditions.
  • Fecal Analysis. We often suggest fecal samples to check for intestinal parasites in newly adopted pets and at every annual exam for pets who hunt or spend significant time outdoors.
  • Cytology. We can perform skin cytology to look for infections or the presence of cancer cells.
  • Full Pharmacy. We carry a full supply of prescription medications for your convenience.
  • Digital Radiology and Digital Dental X-rays. Digital radiology provides us with clear images quickly. The procedure is safe, and the images can be viewed in seconds.

Please give us a call today if you have any questions about our diagnostic capabilities.

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